Transmission: global summit - April 9-12, 2013 VANCOUVER, BC
Nov 15, 2012

Designing Long-term Prosperity in the Creative Industries
As a result of capacity issues over the past two years, transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT (tGS) will expand capacity in 2013 and welcome 500 leaders, creators, entrepreneurs and academics from across the globe. read full article

A tool for transmitBC: Introducing TimelineNOW
Sep 21, 2012

This September’s transmitBC workshop set out to gather key players from BC’s screen-based industries (games, film, TV, mobile, etc) to form a cohesive mission statement that would produce a vibrant, vitalized community. thenumber creative has worked together on several transmitNOW projects for graphical, video, motion graphic and print support. For the transmitBC project, thenumber and Fantan Group, the organization who produces transmitNOW initiatives, collaborated on something a little bit different. read full article

Sep 12, 2012

With one week left before the event, transmitBC has only a few spaces left before reaching its full capacity. Invitees have a limited time to confirm their spots and join industry leaders in developing collaborative strategies that will influence BC’s screen-based entertainment cluster in the global marketplace. read full article

transmitBC 2012: Defining the BC Story for the Screen-based Entertainment Industries
Aug 3, 2012

This fall, transmitBC will invite leaders in the TV, film, gaming, digital media and music sectors to become one of the 100 stakeholders that will define the BC Story for the province’s screen-based and creative industries. The summit will take place from September 19 - 21 in Vancouver, BC. read full article

A Copyright Exception For Monetizing File-Sharing: A Proposal For Balancing User Freedom And Author Remuneration In The Brazilian Copyright Law Reform
// Volker Grassmuck / Apr 19, 2012

This week's article features a guest post from "Rethinking Music: A Briefing Book", prepared by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society. The Berkman Center is associated with Rethink Music, happening from April 22-24, 2012 in Boston. In this article, Volker Grassmuck explores how Brazilian copyright law reform should be approached in the age of file-sharing. read full article

Video Release: Our Global Model of Social Facilitation for the Creative Ecosystem
Mar 17, 2012

Watch our new video to see what makes transmitCHINA - as well as our global suite of transmitNOW initiatives - a one-of-a-kind, signature experience. read full article

Feb 29, 2012

Missed TGS 2012 this year? Check out our newest highlight reel to see what really happens at a transmitNOW event and what some participants had to say about TGS 2012. read full article

Sustainability in the Context of Digital Infrastructure
// An Exclusive Excerpt from the TGS 2012 Final Report, prepared by The Value Web / Feb 28, 2012

Many believe the world needs a new digital infrastructure for the management of rights and attribution. It’s about credit, but it’s also about compensation, and addressing the 800 pound gorilla in the room- that existing revenue flows are not making their way back to the artists, because of incomplete information. This creates a significant disincentive to solve the problem of insufficient data - a source of considerable frustration and discussion among the delegates. read full article

Feb 28, 2012

If you've missed TGS or want to re-live the conference experience, watch a selection of the TGS 2012 interviews as well as videos from our past transmitNOW events on our newly minted transmitNOW Video Channel, powered by MediaCore. read full article

TGS 2012 In Review: New Format, New Direction and One Big Announcement
// Adrien Sala / Feb 15, 2012

An Editorial Review by a Writer, Participant and Indulgent Breakfast Thief. read full article

First Edition of Transmission Innovation Camp: A Success
// Mike Vardy / Feb 14, 2012

transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT introduces inaugural Innovation Camp to annual roster of global events. read full article

transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2012- Complete Set
Feb 10, 2012

Complete photo set from at transmission 2012 in the beautiful (if a bit rainy) Victoria BC. read full article

Jan 31, 2012

With one week left to go, transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT (TGS) has reached full capacity for its most unique and ambitious programme to date, featuring future-focused discussions spanning digital music, screen-based entertainment, gamification, interaction design, media convergence, and digital audience engagement. Overwhelming demand has prompted organizers to make room for 10 more spots. read full article

Jan 26, 2012

Bill Buxton, acclaimed author behind Sketching User Experiences and Principal Researcher at Microsoft, will be interviewed on stage by CBC's Michael Enright. Both will also participate for the 3 days of roundtables discussions. read full article

Innovation Camp Brings Pioneering Gaming, Video & Music Startups to Global Summit Roundtables
Jan 26, 2012

Transmission's inaugural venture acceleration programme will integrate selected startups pioneering new solutions in music, video and gaming sectors to enhance the roundtable discussions at the Global Summit. read full article

This is transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2012
// Adrien Sala / Jan 26, 2012

Inside the launch of Transmission's most ambitious programme yet, key pieces to Transmission, and why you want to make the trip out to Victoria in two weeks to see it all go down. read full article

transmission 2012 Program and Participants Released
Jan 19, 2012

Presenters, B2Bs, innovation camp, participants and more.. read full article

transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2012 Partners to Date
Jan 13, 2012

Less than one month to go... read full article

transmitLIVE 2012: Curating the Curators
Dec 15, 2011

transmitLIVE 2012: So much more than just music read full article

SOCAN Metadata Forum at Transmission 2012
Dec 13, 2011

Raising awareness about the importance of metadata for content businesses and developing action plans for the industry. read full article

TRANSMISSION 2012 THEME: Sustainability in the Creative Industries
Dec 8, 2011

Using new facilitation methods and approaches to align all creative industries to long-term thinking. read full article

[VIDEO] Facilitate: The first chapter in a trilogy of discoveries at transmitCHINA 2011
Oct 25, 2011

Putting pen to paper, weaving thoughts into plots and bringing images to life. read full article

transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2012: Breaking Down Industry Silos, Building New Ventures, Increasing Innovation
Oct 21, 2011

The narrative at transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2012's signature roundtable initiative is about breaking down silos amongst creative content sectors, technology companies and the investment community. read full article

transmitCHINA in Photos
// Photos by Chris Nohr / Oct 6, 2011

Check out photos that captured the amazing moments during transmitCHINA, ranging from the roundtables in the breathtaking surroundings at the Commune to the memorable champagne toast at the Great Wall of China. read full article

Intellectual Property, Creativity, and Innovation
// Pete Dyson / Oct 5, 2011

Differences in relation to the question of the extent to which intellectual property rights support or hinder innovation and creativity are often the backdrop to how we conceptualise the approaches of East and West. read full article

transmitCHINA 2011: hands down, the best yet in China.
// Photos by Chris Nohr (thenumber:creative) / Sep 19, 2011

As the team prepares to fly home and return to the reality outside of the Commune by the Great Wall, we felt it was essential to give a quick highlight of the best event we've put on in China yet. read full article

transmitCHINA 2011: The Journey Begins
Sep 13, 2011

The transmitCHINA team has touched down in Beijing and the journey has begun! read full article

Sep 1, 2011

Following up on a sold-out success in 2011: Staying true to our model with some innovative additions. read full article

This is transmitCHINA 2011
Aug 25, 2011

This is the business development tour of the year. Check out our menu of offerings. Only 19 spots left. read full article

Baidu's Head of Music & Entertainment Presenting at transmitCHINA
Aug 24, 2011

Catherine Leung, General Manager of Music and Entertainment at Baidu responsible for leading the major label deals in its landmark music service, Ting!, has been confirmed as a keynote presenter at transmitCHINA 2011 presented by BlackBerry. read full article

Aug 11, 2011

Baidu, Huayi Brothers, BlackBerry, Warner Music Group, PacketVideo and dozens of other content and technology companies from around the world will all sit at the roundtables by the Great Wall of China this September. read full article

[VIDEO] Rob Wells on the Perspective of Major Media Companies in Global Content Delivery
Aug 10, 2011

"For me, the definition of an emerging market really depends on scale." Watch a 'gloves-off' video interview of Rob Wells, President of Global Digital Business for Universal Music Group, conducted by Jim Rondinelli, SVP Corporate Development of PacketVideo, at transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2011. read full article

Virtual Roundtable: CONTENT IN THE CLOUD
Aug 9, 2011

If devices can restrict access to certain cloud content, do they become new gatekeepers of the content industries? A roundtable of three content industry executives from the UK, China, and USA comment on questions like these when discussing what the cloud means for content industries. read full article

China’s Most Prominent Women in Entertainment and Mobile Startups On Stage at transmitCHINA 2011
Jul 14, 2011

transmitCHINA is proud to welcome two of China’s most prominent women in entertainment and mobile startups to the stage during the transmitCHINA.TALKS: Si Shen, CEO & Co-founder of PapayaMobile, China’s face of future-focused entrepreneurship, and Kelly Cha, host of the ZhaZhaClub Show and one of China’s most critically acclaimed radio and television personalities. read full article

transmitCHINA 2011 Welcomes Back The Value Web
Jul 13, 2011

In response to the overwhelming positive feedback from their first involvement at transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2011, event organizers are thrilled to welcome back The Value Web as the facilitators for the fourth edition of transmitCHINA in Beijing. read full article

[VIDEO] Wu Jun on the Realities of Content Industries in China
Jul 12, 2011

"Contrary to what many may think, there is a legal framework that protects IP in China." Wu Jun, CEO of R2G &, explains what the environment is like for content sectors in China during his keynote at transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2011 (held from February 9-11, 2011, in Victoria, Canada). read full article

[VIDEO] David Neale on the Future of Mobile Devices and Content Delivery
Jun 1, 2011

"When you have tablets, you have extreme portability without the compromise. Tablets are the distribution point of the future." David Neale, Office of the CMO for Research In Motion (BlackBerry), comments on where the future is heading for mobile devices and its relationship with content and the consumer. Watch this video of his on-stage interview from transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2011. read full article

May 26, 2011

From September 14-16, 2011, international leaders, thinkers, innovators and creators will have an exclusive opportunity at transmitCHINA TALKS to hear a cross-section of preeminent thought leaders from some of the world’s most innovative organizations in the digital and creative content ecosystem. Larry Namer (METAN Development Group), David Neale (Research In Motion/BlackBerry), and Eric Garland (BigChampagne) will be on stage at China’s most unique, invite-only think tank summit dedicated to developing solutions to the delivery and monetization of digital content over 3 days in a sanctuary environment framed by the Great Wall of China. read full article

ROUNDTABLE THEME: Content in the cloud - what de-centralized data storage and new devices mean for intellectual property
May 25, 2011

While many may agree that the Cloud has offered huge conveniences for consumers to access content, it has also opened a new avenue for content distribution. In many media and entertainment industries, content distribution was always restricted to carriers (eg. ISP,s CDs, DVDs, etc.). With cloud-based content, some may argue that there is simply no need to ‘own’ discs, papers, or hard drives that contain content if it’s available easily through different devices. read full article

China Aims to Redress Copyright Burden of Proof Imbalance
// Mathew Daniel / May 5, 2011

New music copyright protection guidelines have been announced by the Beijing Copyright Bureau which aim to redress the burden of proof imbalance between copyright owners and those engaging in and in many cases, profiting from institutionalized piracy. read full article

A Growing Chinese Fan base: Hollerado after transmitCHINA 2009
Apr 20, 2011

"The China experience has become a part of the Hollerado story - one that will continue to be one of the many talking-points surrounding the band and their tirelessly DIY work ethic and unquenchable thirst for world travel." Adam Berger, Artist Manager for Hollerado, speaks about how the band benefited from their participation in transmitCHINA 2009's Artist Showcase. (Photo: Hollerado performing in front of Chinese fans during the transmitCHINA 2009 Artist Showcase.) read full article

transmitCHINA Announces Strategic Partnership with BlackBerry for its 2011 edition
Apr 14, 2011

transmitCHINA, the international hallmark of creative industry events in China, is proud to announce a new strategic collaboration with BlackBerry, who will be the Presenting Partner for its 2011 installment. With this step, BlackBerry puts itself at the centre of the dialogue between Content Owners, Digital Retailers, Entrepreneurs and Innovators in the Chinese market and confirms its relevance as a Platform within the creative industry ecosystem. read full article

[VIDEO] Scott Belsky at transmission 2011: How Can Creative Companies Realize Their Ideas?
Mar 31, 2011

"Maybe organization is the competitive edge in the creative world." Scott Belsky, CEO & Founder of Behance, shares some views and suggestions on how creative organizations can enhance their productivity to help bring their project ideas to fruition at transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2011. (Photo: Scott Belsky speaking at transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2011 in Victoria, Canada.) read full article

[VIDEO] Catharine Saxberg on Copyright and Piracy
Mar 2, 2011

"When the Chinese reach the point where they have a lot invested in intellectual property, you're going to find them getting very interested in copyright." Catharine Saxberg, Executive Director of the Canadian Music Publishers' Association and Board Member of the International Confederation of Music Publishers, speaks about how copyright legislation is addressed in Canada and around the world. read full article

// Adrien Sala / Feb 17, 2011

Somewhere in the 72 hours that have passed since the final reception of transmission, there has been time to ruminate over what the conference meant and accomplished. It's evident that meaningful discussion and important ideas were put into the room, but where they will go and what they will translate into is still being determined. So rather than speculate on outcomes, perhaps it's a better approach to touch on the highlights, the great moments, quotes, tweets and talks that collectively turn transmission into the juggernaut of effective change that it is. read full article

// Adrien Sala / Photos by Tobyn Ross / Feb 11, 2011

"Most ideas never happen...some never should," jokes Scott Belsky, creator of, and Founder/CEO of Behance. read full article

// Adrien Sala / Photos by Tobyn Ross / Feb 10, 2011

Butch Dick relates how the Coast Salish harmonize their efforts to find the best solutions. "We paddle together to make things more efficient, to get the most of our work," he says. It's a sentiment that reflects what is about to unfold here today. read full article

Jan 27, 2011

With still two weeks to go, transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT has reached full capacity - making things interesting for organizers. read full article

transmission 2011 to host key decision makers and leaders at roundtables
Jan 20, 2011

transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2011 will host key decision makers and leaders from the digital and creative industries. Find out more about who's attending to date as we confirm more participants every day. read full article

transmitLIVE festival: at the intersection of creative and digital
Jan 19, 2011

From February 9-11, 2011, the beautiful city of Victoria will host the transmitLIVE festival: integrating music, media, art and lifestyle with cutting edge digital technology. read full article

[VIDEO] Simon Wheeler: Indie labels and digital technologies
Jan 18, 2011

"We do think that the culture of sharing is really important. Word of mouth is fundamental to the music we produce. It's not the kind of music that makes it onto everyone's radio station." Simon Wheeler speaks on the importance of embracing digital technologies and the internet based on his experience as Head of Digital at Beggars Group. See Simon at the roundtables during transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2011. read full article

[VIDEO] Walter McDonough: Creative and Technology - can't we get along?
Jan 17, 2011

"People who are creators come from one place, and the technology people come from another place and there are very few people who actually understand both worlds." - Walter McDonough, Co-founder of Future of Music Coalition. read full article

[Announcement] transmission 2011 conference program and festival line-up released
Jan 13, 2011

Conference and transmitLIVE Festival Focuses on the Intersection of the Creative and Digital Spectrums. read full article

[VIDEO] Omri Dolev: Revisiting music & content as valuable data intelligence
Jan 10, 2011

"When I was a kid, we used to go to the store and wait for the new Police LP to come, so the delay was a factor. Now there's no delay. We need to look at everything as a flow of data that we need to maximize. And it's different." Omri Dolev, Co-founder of Lev Group Media and the exclusive rights holder of Warner Music Group and Beggars Group in Israel, presses on how people need to see music and content in a different way in the Information Age. Meet Omri and others at transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2011. read full article

Jan 5, 2011

From February 9-11, 2011, transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT will feature 150 executives, thinkers, creators, and entrepreneurs from the creative industries and deliver an unparalleled conference experience featuring a stellar group of internationally respected keynote speakers; roundtable discussions with an elite group of leaders and decision makers; and highly intimate social and recreational activities within the beautiful environs of the Pacific Northwest. read full article

[VIDEO] What do people have to say about transmission?
Jan 5, 2011

"This isn't about seeing people speak on panels and keynote speeches, it's really about creating an environment where people can interact in groups and discuss things." - Walter McDonough, Co-founder of Future of Music Coalition. Watch our latest video and see what Walter and others have to say about transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2011. read full article

[Announcement] Rob Wells, Scott Belsky to speak at transmission; Nora Young to MC
Dec 21, 2010

Rob Wells will be making his first conference appearance as President, Global Digital Business of Universal Music Group at transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2011. transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2011 will also feature Scott Belsky, Founder and CEO of Behance, as a speaker. We are also proud to announce that CBC Radio One's Nora Young, host of the critically acclaimed show, "Spark", will be the MC at this special gathering of leaders, thinkers, creators, and entrepreneurs of the creative industries in Victoria, Canada, from February 9-11, 2011. read full article

[VIDEO] Mark Montgomery on similarities between the venture and record business
// Photo by Tobyn Ross / Dec 15, 2010

"Are you building [a business] to exit it? Because that's like signing a record deal." Mark Montgomery, an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at Claritas Capital, comments on the main challenges of being an entrepreneur and relates it to the music business. The conversation continues at transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2011. read full article

[VIDEO] Eric Garland on 'How can other creative sectors learn from music?'
Dec 8, 2010

"I do believe there's a 'fix' in the [music] industry; just not the 'fix' that the old business was looking for." Eric Garland, CEO of BigChampagne Media Measurement, comments on the future road ahead for the music industry and shows how other creative sectors can learn from what music has faced in the past. The conversation continues at transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2011. read full article

[VIDEO] Angel Gambino on Entrepreneurship in the Creative Industries: Challenges and Realities
Nov 26, 2010

"People talk about viral all the time, like things magically go viral, but as you know things don't magically go viral." Angel Gambino, a serial entrepreneur based in Argentina with senior executive experience at companies like Bebo and MTV, comments on the challenges of being an entrepreneur in the creative industries with transmitNOW. The conversation continues at transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2011. read full article

[Opinion] Hands Off My Internet Connection!
// Jonas Woost / Nov 8, 2010

Over the last year or so, I noticed a worrying trend among corporate decision makers - as well as legislators around the world - who are trying to monitor internet traffic in order to prohibit unlicensed usage of copyrighted material (also referred to as 'piracy'). The part that concerns me most is the fact that not more people are outraged about this potential threat to our freedom of information. read full article

Virtual Roundtable 1: Control and the Creative Industries - who really owns content? [Part II]
Oct 21, 2010

"[We need] a legislative framework that encourages the creation of ubiquitous, new, and compelling business models that disincentivizes illegal consumption." - Charles Caldas (CEO, Merlin, UK) read full article

Virtual Roundtable 1: Control and the Creative Industries - who really owns content? [Part I]
Oct 20, 2010

In the days when physical data carriers were the only ways to deliver entertainment to the consumer, it was easy to control the flow of the content. Rights owners could decide at what point to release their product and run the distribution; even though unlicensed releases were available, they were not always easy to get. read full article

Why Do We Remember Old Pop Songs But Forget Where Our Keys Are?
Oct 13, 2010

Dr. Daniel Levitin, Professor at McGill University, talks to Discover Magazine about why we are able to remember music despite circumstances that may prevent us from remembering other things - such as where our keys are. read full article

How long should music copyright be?
// Andrew Dubber / Oct 6, 2010

This one's easy. I've been saying this for a while now, and it never fails to get me into an animated discussion. I've listened to all the arguments, read all the reports, heard convincing arguments about copyright extension and for complete overhaul of the copyright system. read full article

The New Balearic 42
// Bruce Mans / Sep 29, 2010

The NB episode production rate is increasing ever so slightly. At this rate we may be back at a podcast a month.. read full article

New partnership, new sectors, new vision
Aug 5, 2010

transmission embraces a content shift and announces a partnership with Royal Roads University. Creative industry conference moves to February 9 - 11, 2011 in Victoria, B.C. read full article

The New Balearic 41
// Bruce Mans / Aug 5, 2010

As promised, I've finally gotten around to making the first episode of the New Balearic this year. . .in June. The first half of 2010 has demanded lengthy papers and in-depth projects, a handful of Maritime trips, and daily World Cup commitments (Hup Holland)… all of which have distracted me from my podcast duty. The second half of 2010 looks equally as busy, but I'll be more shrewd with my time and keep regular updates. read full article

transmitCHINA 2010: 3rd year a major breakthrough, critical success
// by Tyl van Toorn, photos by Tobyn Ross / Jun 24, 2010

It was June 1, 2010 in Beijing during our first B2B focus group that we had realized the gamble had paid off. Archie Hamilton, Mathew Daniel and I all had smiles of relief on our faces as we shared a look 30 minutes into our first attempt to host a transmission roundtable in China. read full article

transmitchina - shanghai day 2
// by Louise Upperton, photos by Tobyn Ross / Jun 4, 2010

Eight full days of programming, 36 showcases, four roadTALKS and three B2B sessions later. The word on the street is that this is one of the busiest schedules most of the delegates have ever experienced. It's not over yet. read full article

transmitchina - shanghai day 1
// by Louise Upperton, photos by Tobyn Ross / Jun 3, 2010

The first day of the transmitCHINA conference began at 10:00 am today at the River South Arts Centre, a beautiful, raw space situated on the Bund in downtown Shanghai. Delegates arrived early for coffee and a chance to mingle before the presentations and round table discussions.... read full article

transmitchina 2010 - Shanghai reception
// by Louise Upperton, photos by Tobyn Ross / Jun 2, 2010

We arrive at the stunning Intercontinental Puxi hotel in the Zhabei District of Shanghai in the early afternoon. Tonight the transmitCHINA conference will officially begin with a welcome reception at Glamour Bar. But, to kick things off a bit earlier, there's another first for transmitCHINA - a daytime B2B mentoring session sponsored by Ontario with the legendary Seymour Stein, co-founder and chairman of Sire Records. Stein famously signed the likes of Madonna, the Ramones and Talking Heads. The informal session was held at 228 Quxi Road in the Xuhui District. Formerly a bomb shelter, it's now Shanghai's most popular music rehearsal space below a restaurant and a hotbed for Shanghai's underground rock scene. A poetic location for a "how to" session with the man who signed the Talking Heads after witnessing them play CBGD's by accident..... read full article

transmitCHINA - Beijing Day 1
// by Louise Upperton, photos by Tobyn Ross / Jun 1, 2010

Today we return to where it all started - Beijing. The city of bicycles. TransmitCHINA began in this city three years ago and has since grown into a two-day conference in Shanghai and seven-city tour of China, including Guangzhou, Changsha, Wuhan, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Hong Kong... read full article

transmitCHINA - Changsha Day 2
// by Louise Upperton, photos by Tobyn Ross / May 31, 2010

Changsha during the day is chaotic. Everyone and their dog rides a scooter, and there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the direction in which they drive. With an extra day to spend in the city, members of Flash Lightnin' are keen for more of a glimpse of local life. Drummer Chris Henry was up early for some breakfast. "We took a tour around and found some little traditional shops and grabbed some nice breakfast. I couldn't tell you what we ate, but it was wonderful!" Henry says.... read full article

transmitCHINA - Changsha Day 1
// by Louise Upperton, photos by Tobyn Ross / May 30, 2010

It's another 7:30 am lobby call at the hotel in Guangzhou. This morning, the full transmitCHINA touring party is off to Guangzhou airport to catch a 9:55 am flight to Changsha... read full article

transmitCHINA 2010 - Guangzhou
// by Louise Upperton, photos by Tobyn Ross / May 29, 2010

It's a 7:30 am lobby call at the Harbourview Hotel for the bands, managers and transmitCHINA crew. Caffeine is essential - it will be a long day of travel for the group. Enroute to a coffee shop, a few team members notice the late-night stragglers leaving the Wan Chai clubs. transmitCHINA host producers Archie Hamilton and Nathaniel Davis are busy wrangling everyone in the lobby. Shortly thereafter, more than 60 pieces of gear and luggage are loaded onto the tour bus and about 40 people squeeze into the narrow seats as it shuttles off to Hung Hom train station in Kowloon. This station in Kowloon connects Hong Kong to the Guangzhou East railway station.... read full article

transmitCHINA 2010 - Hong Kong
// by Louise Upperton, photos by Tobyn Ross / May 28, 2010

Louis Jackson of Parlovr gazed out of the tour bus window as it rattled along towards Hong Kong. On first impression, he was overwhelmed by the site of the harbour and profusion of ports and shipping containers along the Western Harbour Crossing that carries traffic from Hong Kong International airport to the Island. Hong Kong, meaning "fragrant harbour" in English, is nestled between the Pearl River Delta and the South China Sea and it's widely regarded as the gateway to China. Scanning Hong Kong's expansive skyline and clusters of looming skyscrapers and apartment buildings, one can begin to imagine how seven million people live in this tiny landmass.... read full article

2010 - The menu's looking good!
// Tyl van Toorn / May 5, 2010

So here we are in 2010 and our first major initiative of the year is out of the gates like a hot pick at the Kentucky Derby. Four weeks from today, players from over one hundred companies, organizations and agencies will be meeting with drinks in hand at the opening party of the 3rd edition of transmitCHINA....

read full article

Transmitnow gears up for transmitchina 2010
// Press Release / May 4, 2010

transmitNOW's first international project for 2010 is gearing up to be one of the most important and most impactful music industry events in Asia this year. As it heads into its third year, the transmitCHINA Conference will take place in Shanghai, China (June 2- 4, 2010) The three-day conference will include roundtable discussions, keynote presentations, B2B Focus Groups, showcases and receptions with a focus on connecting Canadian and international music, technology and media professionals to leaders, thinkers and creators in China.

read full article

Music Licensing in Asia
// Mathew Daniel / Feb 10, 2010

As the Internet began to transform society around the world, the possibilities of access and the so-called "free flow of information" was celebrated. But this original idea was eventually hijacked by a cross-section of geeks who promoted the unconditional notion that, "information wants to be free" as if by divine right - and subversively concluding that all media consumption should be free.

read full article

Jets Overhead Music Video
Feb 8, 2010

Jets Overhead toured with transmitCHINA last year. (April 28 — May 5, 2009) They performed in Beijing, during the MIDI Festival and in various venues in Shanghai, Zhenjiang and Shenzhen.

read full article

The New Balearic 40
// Bruce Mans / Feb 8, 2010

The big four oh! Looks like the podcast is approaching that hill… hopefully there’s no mid–life crisis awaiting on the other side. It’s hard to believe it’s already been forty episodes. Way back on May 18, 2006, Episode One was released. Over four years later (and almost sixty hours of music later!) and I’m still having tons of fun with it, and hopefully you’re still enjoying it.

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The New Balearic 39
// Bruce Mans / Nov 9, 2009

So apparently getting a Masters degree requires a lot of work. These past few weeks have been a mere blur, but I've recently found myself in a rare break from the work and thus… Episode 39!

read full article

PoliTalk48 : salon 3
// hosted by Paul Hoffert / Sep 10, 2009

PoliTalk48 salon 3 features Archie Hamilton (Split Works), Mandar Thakur (formerly of Soundbuzz for India), Eric Garland (, Helen Sildna (Tallinn Music Week in Estonia), and Eric Priest (intellectual property lawyer) on the topic of The Real Deal with Emerging Markets. PoliTalk48 is an interactive salon on music and entertainment industry issues moderated by Paul Hoffert, Media Professor at York University and Chair of The Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund. Each of the panellists has 48 hours to comment and interact with other panelists’ comments. Join us in person to explore this particular theme further at transmission.TALKS 2009.

read full article

The Champion Returns
// Andréanne Sasseville / Sep 9, 2009

As he climbs into the ring for his second round, DJ Champion is fearlessly ready for any opponent. With Resistance, DJ Champion chose to wipe his record clean from the success of Chill’em All (2004) and start fresh. With less instrumental tracks, accented dirty guitars and more accessibly constructed songs, Maxime Morin aka DJ Champion, fulfilled a new challenge. His self induced challenge of discovering music again with the humble hope of sincerely sharing it with thousands of eager ears.

read full article

The New Balearic 38
// Bruce Mans / Sep 9, 2009

The time has come for another fantastic ninety odd minutes on The New Balearic. Summer is over, classes have started, but thankfully, the music always continues…

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PoliTalk48 : salon 2
// hosted by Paul Hoffert / Aug 26, 2009

PoliTalk48 salon 2 features Anthony Volodkin (Hype Machine), Jonas Woost (, Juha Kyrro (Fullsteam), Vered Koren (EMI), and Nevin Domer (Maybe Mars) on the topic of Next Generation Leadership. PoliTalk48 is an interactive salon on music and entertainment industry issues moderated by Paul Hoffert, Media Professor at York University and Chair of The Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund. Each of the panellists has 48 hours to comment and interact with other panelists’ comments. Join us in person to explore this particular theme further at transmission.TALKS 2009.

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The New Balearic 37
// Bruce Mans / Aug 25, 2009

Summers are typically slow at The New Balearic. I am always moving between two places. The last two summers I was moving between Seoul and Vancouver, while this summer most of my time has been spent moving across Canada to Halifax. Now that I have arrived, and am (somewhat) settled, I have some music to share. A soundtrack to Summer 09.

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PoliTalk48 : salon 1
// hosted by Paul Hoffert / Jul 31, 2009

PoliTalk48 salon 1 features Mathew Daniel (China’s R2G), Sandy Perlman (Music Producer of The Clash, Black Sabbath, etc), Catharine Saxberg (Executive Director of the Canadian Music Publishers Association), and Simon Wheeler (Beggars Group) on the topic of Intellectual Property. PoliTalk48 is an interactive salon on music and entertainment industry issues moderated by Paul Hoffert, Media Professor at York University and Chair of The Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund. Each of the panellists has 48 hours to comment and interact with other panelists’ comments. Join us in person to explore this particular theme further at transmission.TALKS 2009.

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// Tyl van Toorn / Jul 22, 2009

It is not without significant excitement & anticipation that we present you with the newly minted TRANSMIT website.In fact, there are quite a few new elements within the TRANSMIT family to announce. First of all we have new dates, new location and a new format for transmission which takes place in Victoria, BC between the 22nd to the 26th of September, 2009. We are excited to also announce a continued focus on key emerging markets with plans for the third edition of transmitCHINA to roll out in Shanghai, late spring of 2010. We take special pleasure in announcing our new online magazine/forum: a pivotal step forward in our mission to create more effective ways for people to share ideas and express viewpoints within the music space.

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At the ISP Level
// Steven Masur / Jul 21, 2009

Everyone says the music, and greater media distribution businesses are in trouble, but what are the problems and how can they be solved? Many people think the biggest problem is that you can download copyrighted material from the internet for free. Once the problem is so defined, it is natural to look for a general panacea, or “fix all” solution. In the search for this solution, more and more people are gravitating to the concept of collective licensing at the ISP level. But, are downloads from the internet really the problem? Is ISP licensing the answer? If so, how would it work?

Let's discuss.

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The New Balearic 36
// Bruce Mans / Jul 20, 2009

Hello there friends. It’s good to have you here for a thrilling 90 minutes of the best new music in the world. This episode of The New Balearic is a folky affair. Electro-folk. Freak-folk. Indie-folk. Folk punk. Folk pop. Ambient folk. It’s all here, only venturing ever so slightly outside the genre to introduce the episode with some pure pop from Phoenix, and dabbling in some instrumental ambient electronica here and there, courtesy of Helios and Australia’s young Pogo.

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