B2B forums

CMPA B2B session at last year's transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2011

// These sessions are specifically tailored to event partners and like-minded stakeholders to drill down to the issues that matter today, providing actions and solutions that are relevant here and now. 

Our B2B Partners to Date:

The Province of British Columbia

Aggregators and cultivators of creativity and technology will continue to blossom in a dynamic global marketplace. BC has a unique role to play in developing strategic interprovincial and international partnerships that bring new products and services to this growing audience, especially in the screen based companies. This B2B session will explore current opportunities in this global context and discuss the actions, strategies and business frameworks required for success. A special focus will consider the emerging relationships between BC and Asian producers and the potential for greater collaboration.

CFC Media Lab

Acknowledging the multi-layered role of audiences, this discussion explores how the consumers place in the content ecosystem continues to change and evolve, and what this means for content creators, distributors and rights owners. With audiences taking part in the creation process of digital media there are big opportunities to build improved relationships between artists and consumers - this session will examine how these new connections can be beneficial for the content industry overall.

Canadian Music Publishers Association (CMPA)

With the amount of licensed music transactions (streams, downloads, views, etc.) increasing, the need to have standardized metadata and reporting systems in the digital music ecosystem is more obvious than ever. This session will explore what policies, regulations and practices need to be put in place in order to ensure that all parties in the digital music ecosystem are being compensated fairly and accurately.

Slacker Personal Radio

This B2B Session will discuss how value is being created in the new digital music ecosystem and how streaming services like Slacker fit into the new value chain around recorded music. Not only will this session discuss the benefits that access-based music services are (hopefully) creating for artist but it will also look at all stakeholders to evaluate how everyone is contributing to a long-term sustainable business.


Metadata and content from a consumer's point of view 

Metadata is largely seen as a tool for protection of content, usage tracking and compensation for rights owners - this session will explore how it can be leveraged to navigate fragmentation across the digital content ecosystem from an end-users point of view. It will discuss how metadata can be used in order to facilitate DISCOVERY and INTERACTION, which are enabled by syndication, search, recommendations, ratings, social media influences, and, of course, the underlying metadata. We will also explore recent developments in OTT services, smart TVs, media-centric app offerings and user-curated content, and why they are important for digital content industries overall.