transmitNOW events represent a new point on the information spectrum, falling between executive think-tanks and consumer gathering points. By offering year-round global programming in a variety of markets, transmitNOW events are changing how ideas and thought leaders interact. 

transmitNOW is an idea marketplace, populated by global thinkers and innovative developers. 

// three frames 

transmitNOW events revolve around three frames of activity. Each frame provides a range of activation opportunities that reach unique target groups.

It is through these frames that we are able to tailor and focus each experience to suit the needs of sponsors, creators, thought leaders and consumers across a global stage. 


Focuses on removing geographical and sectoral barriers, providing platforms for collaborative discussions regarding the future of the creative industries


Integrates the newest and greatest multi-media and digital exhibits with talent from across the globe 


Incubates international start-ups, secures brain-trust and promotes the growth of regional creative clusters