[VIDEO] Facilitate: The first chapter in a trilogy of discoveries at transmitCHINA 2011
Oct 25, 2011

Putting pen to paper, weaving thoughts into plots and bringing images to life

As the Transmission Institute begins to embark on a narrative of what we do, how we do it, and what we believe in, it seemed natural to adopt the role of a storyteller, sharing our experiences of our events and the ideas we take away from them with the world.

Chapter One: Facilitate is the first of a 3-part video series on our most recent initiative, transmitCHINA 2011, which took place in Beijing from September 14th- 17th at the Commune by the Great Wall. A fascinating three days, we’ve distilled the event’s discussions and revelations into three chapters, each one encapsulating a video linked to the Transmission Institute’s signature event process of Facilitate, Exchange and Leverage.

Embodying the first theme of Facilitation, this story illustrates how a transmission event encourages the breaking down of traditional barriers that separate the creative and digital sectors.

transmitCHINA doesn't stand alone

Each year, the Transmission Institute produces an international summit in Victoria, Canada called transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT (TGS), which is the flagship event in our worldwide series. While more international in scope in comparison to transmitCHINA, TGS is the very event that started it all and gave shape to every other event we’ve put on over the past 7 years. Everything you see at transmitCHINA, started at TGS, plus so much more.

Running from February 8-10th 2012, TGS will include the signature roundtable format (as seen in Chapter One) specialized B2B sessions, Keynote Speakers, the signature transmitLIVE concert series, and the inauguration of a venture acceleration programme.

Registration has already opened and is filling up quickly. We only invite 150 delegates out each year and transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT sold out last year, so register today and join us as we start the next chapter in our story.




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