Transmitnow gears up for transmitchina 2010
// Press Release / May 4, 2010

transmitNOW’s first international project for 2010 is gearing up to be one of the most important and most impactful music industry events in Asia this year. As it heads into its third year, the transmitCHINA Conference will take place in Shanghai, China (June 2– 4, 2010)

The three-day conference will include roundtable discussions, keynote presentations, B2B Focus Groups, showcases and receptions with a focus on connecting Canadian and international music, technology and media professionals to leaders, thinkers and creators in China.

“The conference is going to be a major step up from the past two years as we are going to be introducing transmitNOW's signature roundtable format for the first time in Shanghai,” says transmitCHINA founder and Executive Producer, Tyl van Toorn.

transmitNOW’s unique roundtable format enables participants to engage in candid discussions with a spotlight on transmitNOW’s three global themes including; Intellectual Property, Next Generation Leadership and Emerging Markets.  The overarching focus for this year will be innovative business models that take the creative industries sector beyond the traditional goal posts of measurable success.

Keynote presentations from Chinese innovators including Jun Wu (CEO, R2G) and Kaiser Kuo (Consultant, will be joining us to provide insight into the aforementioned themes. The conference also includes several first ever presentations including a once in a lifetime interview of PK14's Yang Haisong by Nic Harcourt of the L.A Times. Furthermore, up and coming leaders and participants will be engaged in a series of mentoring sessions led by Seymour Stein, Chairman of Sire records and self-described champion of Canadian music.

“transmitCHINA is quite simply the most important cross-cultural meeting of minds for international music professionals looking to understand China and for Chinese music professionals looking to formulate a workable music business  model for China,” says Archie Hamilton, Managing Director of Split Works.  Split Works, one of China’s leading music promoters and brand marketing companies based in Beijing & Shanghai, has been recruited to produce transmitCHINA with The Fantan Group providing valuable on-the-ground knowledge related to the Chinese market and its leaders. 

As a music, technology and media conference, transmitCHINA puts emphasis on developing short-term and long-term opportunities for Canadian artists, companies and entrepreneurs in the fastest growing markets. This year, six bands were selected to participate in the transmitCHINA artist showcase tour (May 28 – June 5). Artists this year include Ohbijou, Parlovr, Flash Lightnin', illScarett, Wil and The Racoons. This is an opportunity for artists to gain valuable exposure and develop relationships with local Chinese audiences and buyers in six cities including Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Changsha.

transmitCHINA has received major support from FACTOR, the Province of Ontario, and the Province of British Columbia. It has also developed long-standing partnerships with key organizations including the Canadian Music Publishers Association and MERLIN.

“We have some amazing sponsors on both sides of the Pacific that are really working to leverage this opportunity in context of a long-term vision.” says van Toorn. “I think what really makes this event special, is the Canadian support we received from key organizations  such as FACTOR and the provinces of Ontario and BC who see great value in this event because of the opportunities it provides in connecting with industry leaders and generating exposure for Canadian talent in China and throughout Asia. We are offering something truly unique and our supporters recognize that. ”

For both domestic and international participants transmitCHINA is an exclusive, invitation-only event that will host a maximum of one hundred and fifty international delegates from China, Canada and other key international markets. To request an invitation to the conference or receive information regarding the artist showcase tour please visit .