// what is a transmitter?

A transmitter is an individual who has previously participated in a transmitNOW event.  (ie. transmission:GLOBAL SUMMIT or transmitCHINA)

*Admission to transmitNOW events are on an invitation-only basis. If you wish to participante please complete this REQUEST AN INVITATION form.

// transmitter benefits 

Transmitters receive special benefits including: 

  • discount rates on registration  (up to 35% off)
  • guaranteed invitation to attend future transmitNOW event.  (ie. transmission:GLOBAL SUMMIT or transmitCHINA)
  • subscription to monthly newsletter

*Benefits will only be extended to individuals who have previously participated in a transmitNOW event.

// code of a transmitter

Conference participants, showcasing artists and magazine contributors are selected based on the following attributes we define as qualities of a “transmitter”.

Leading the way in ideas, business practice and market development
. A “transmitter” is respectful but unhindered by the boundaries of conventional thinking and walks unafraid into the unknown.

Dedicated to expanding knowledge within their field
A “transmitter” strives for context through the exchange of information and value, and is invested in creating something that can be passed forward to others. They are truly open minded and look at the world around them to advance their knowledge base and gain wisdom.

Receptive, honest and open to opinions
. A “transmitter” shows respect for everyone's opinion, especially those who are willing to work hard to achieve their goal.

Courage to think outside the box and face new challenges with resolve.
“Transmitters” are not afraid of what the future holds and embrace new opportunities that come with radical change.

Inventing the future
. “Transmitters” enable people to enter unchartered territory whether it be products, delivery platforms or content.

Transcending age stereotypes
. A “transmitter” is unafraid to learn from other age groups and recognizes the insight that all age groups can offer.

A “transmitter” is a person who is able to listen to not only their peers, but also the changing market. Understand that observation is critical to their overall success.