// Beijing, China

We practice a unique form of social facilitation at various intersections of intelligence and leadership in the creative industries.

We carefully select 150 of smart, fearless people at play in the creative content ecosystem from around the world. We place them in intimate, elegant discussion groups, each representing a cross-sectoral view of industry and culture. 

We work in the most inspiring settings designed to take the noise out of the signal for our participants. 

Our facilitation processes enables participants to collaborate, co-create, and co-design new models and innovative solutions. 

We encourage participants to think outside their comfort zones and discover unconventional approaches that can be applied to their current realities. 

With a myriad of new perspectives addressing seemingly intractable problems, truly innovative solutions are born and new relationships are forged across industry and cultural silos. 

We invite you to experience it.

Register Now for transmitCHINA 2013. Contact us at reg.coordinator[at] for registration details, or click here to REQUEST AN INVITATION.