transmitCHINA 2011: hands down, the best yet in China.
// Photos by Chris Nohr (thenumber:creative) / Sep 19, 2011

As the team prepares to fly home and return to the reality outside of the Commune by the Great Wall, we felt it was essential to give a quick highlight of the best event we've put on in China yet. For those who attended and for those who couldn’t make it, here are the “best of show” in our minds for the past four days in Beijing.

The Welcome Reception at Cantilever House - We’d seen the photos online but we quickly realized that the architecture and scenery at the Commune could never really be done justice by the photos. The environs at Cantilever set the perfect tone for the next two days as people got to know each other in this inspiring space.

The Roundtable Discussions - We witnessed the simultaneous discussion of all three themes at each session, at each table. Never before have we seen such a rapid and open exchange of perspectives from the East and West across the tabletops at transmitCHINA.

Keynote Presentations - Participants were privy to intimate stories from a wide cross-section of the creative industry leaders, ranging from social gaming, to television, to music. Delegates were witness to inspiring stories about a startup's sharp ascent to success and dealing with adversity (PapayaMobile), to perspectives on content in the age of internet from the Head of Music and Entertainment of Baidu.

B2B Sessions - We heard from a number of participants that this year’s B2B sessions were the most enlightening they had been to yet in the transmitNOW history. Partners received the opportunity to discuss their own business agendas in curated spaces with selected attendees, while participants received the opportunity to connect with their new sectoral allies on the issues of the future.

Social Gatherings - Networking continued long into the evenings as participants enjoyed a most memorable evening around the pool and were treated to unique performances such as Mongolian throat singers, Dawang Gang.  We also enjoyed the rare opportunity to have a champagne toast on the Great Wall of China, a memory that will stay with many of us for years to come.


And of course, a big thank you to each and every one of our partners who made this event possible for all to enjoy, as well as a special thank you to our host producers in Beijing, Split Works, for all of their support on the ground.


And for those of you who missed out, you can register here for our international summit in Victoria in February, transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2012.


Photo: Mongolian throat singers, Dawang Gang

Photo: transmitCHINA 2011 General Co-Facilitators - Eric Garland, CEO, BigChampagne and Kelly Cha, Host of ZhaZhaClub Show 

Photo: Keynote Speaker - David Ben Kay, Chairman, Yuanfen~Flow