Sep 1, 2011


Mark your calendars. The dates have been set and registration is already coming in for transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2012. On February 8th, 9th, and 10th we’re once again hosting this international, invite-only summit in our amazing home base of Victoria, BC, Canada.

Pre-registration opened in August and we’ve been honestly surprised by the depth of the response. We are experiencing an early surge in registration while still many months out from the event. This is quite unprecedented in the history of transmitNOW events as invitees tend wait until we announce speakers and programme

As we look forward to transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2012, it is clear to us that certain aspects of our programme  are perfect just they way they are  while other elements should continue to evolve. The very nature of the world that we operate in is constantly in motion and shifting in context of new discoveries, innovating thinking and consumer preferences.  We have always been of the opinion that events tend to be fairly good indicators on the health of an industry. We are constantly amazed at the speed change taking place in the creative content and digital media sectors. As a result we are excited to leap forward alongside these changes.

// A few diversified options that participants can look forward to at transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2012:

  • Expanded B2B Discussion Forums: A sold-out 2011 conference has resulted in increased interest from partners and key industry leaders in getting real insight into how the creative sectors view the future of digital developments. Expect to participate in more focused B2B sessions and even a few micro-conferences in and around our dates for transmission.
  • Increased International Involvement: As we head into transmitCHINA 2011 next week and continue to build momentum with our transmitNOW initiatives, one thing is becoming clear to us: people are starting to get this. As more and more people leave our events with valuable knowledge, leveraged business ideas and new networks, more people are beginning to see the inherent value in an event that lets them interact, face-to-face, with other thought-leaders in the creative and tech industries. As a result we’ve had a major breakthrough in terms of international interest in attending our events.
  • Curating the Curators - redefined transmitLIVE Showcases: Expect to see some of the most refined and interactive global music showcases and multi-media displays that transmission has ever presented in Victoria. We’ve got some of the most innovative music curators such as New Forms Festival, Radio Starmaker Fund and CFC Media Lab on board to ensure that this year’s showcases are fully aligned with the latest in cutting edge technology with the freshest talent on stage. 
  • Innovation Camp for New Ventures: Working with a global team of serial entrepreneurs and investors, transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT will be playing host to a new accelerator design to equip a shortlist of new ventures with early stage investment, legal and financial management resources, mentorship and exposure opportunities. This new feature will be announced in 30 days.

// Staying true to what put us on the map:

 Don’t worry, not everything has changed!  We are strictly loyal to our core programme design, which we believe to be vital to the success of transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT:

  • transmitNOW Signature Roundtable Discussions: Feedback and exit surveys have consistently come back with the clear response to what is best about transmission: Excellent format, amazing people! The most valuable experience for participants is having the chance to talk one-on-one to each other in intimate roundtable sessions. We will continue to focus our efforts on finding the best people from the most relevant sectors to attend our event, and we will continue to work on defining each individual roundtable (over 50 of them) by handpicking each table to ensure healthy, cross-sectoral representation.
  • Innovative and Enlightening Keynote Presentations: Every year we strive to seek out the presenters that will deliver information that isn’t just significant, but meaningful to each participant. These unsolicited talks aren’t just speeches; they are stories, candid accounts and relevant insight delivered by industry insiders who have the passion and drive to make their dreams a reality, and they deliver crucial global industry intel to all participants.  
  • 150 Participants, No More, No Less: It has always been our objective to stay true to this number. It has deep socio-anthropological significance, as it is the optimal number for maximum members of a clan before communication becomes a problem, and resource management increasingly confronts tribe unity.  After transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2011, feedback from our participants came through loud and clear; don’t change the amount of people involved, and we couldn’t agree more. Yes, we sold out last year, but changing the number of people would change the entire energy of the conference and would negatively impact communication amongst participants, presenting a direct conflict with the transmitNOW vision.

transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2011 is a tough act to follow, but with increased interest, support and resources available things are starting to take shape.

Looking forward, the possibilities for transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2012 are looking the most promising yet.


// Don’t miss out on Early Bird Rates for transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2012, closing at the end of the month on September 30th.  

// Shortlisted invitees will receive their personal invitation emails in the next 12 hours. If you have not received your invitation and would like to participate, please Request an Invitation.