This is transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2012
// Adrien Sala / Jan 26, 2012


Two weeks from launch and inside the Transmission team office there is already a palpable sense that something huge is about to take place. It’s a “no time for mucking about” kind of feeling that gets rolled into the boardroom, where Tyl van Toorn (founder and CEO) is laying out how and why February’s conference in Victoria, BC, is incredibly important to him and you and everyone you know.

“Our platform has been increasingly described an aperture between various artistic and industrial interests," says van Toorn. "We play at an intersection where academic, artistic and entrepreneurial activity converges very chaotically, and we consider it our duty to contextually support the strategic decisions participants are making for themselves and the organizations they represent have greater bearing and more valuable outcomes."

In a very real sense, transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT (TGS) is a congress, a convergence of key decision makers from all positions within the creative industries, who come together to make legitimate choices that can spark sustainable shifts in a turbulent digital ecosystem. 


 But let's be honest, industry conferences happen. A lot. So why is TGS 2012 unique, or even important? Why is it that some of the most influential players from the creative industries and media block off time to attend each year? Simply put, it's because no other conference in the world puts as much focus on delegate integration. Curators and programmers use physical space, socio-anthropological disciplines, technology, and creative media to facilitate connections and nourish new ideas. It is about voyagers within the creative industries interacting and showing others how they see the world from their own positions.

Punctuated by keynote speeches, forums with senior industry executives from around the world, and interviews by renowned CBC journalist, Michael Enright, TGS provides participants verifiable opportunities to find inspiration in new ideas.

While Transmission tends to focus on a unique roundtable design process there are some key interviews hosted by media icons such as Michael Enright (CBC’s Sunday Edition) and Nora Young (Spark). Key interview guests include Bill Buxton, Principal Researcher at Microsoft, and a pioneer in human-computer interaction; Eric Garland, CEO of Big Champagne and GM for; Paul Hoffert, Composer and Professor at York University; and Angel Gambino, Serial Entrepreneur & co-founder of Rosa Parks LLC. The interviews are less about highlighting the achievements of celebrities and tend to focus on adding an intellectual, artistic and entrepreneurial context to the roundtables and B2B forums.

On top of this is a powerful series of B2B forums sponsored by private and public sector institutions such as Slacker Personal Radio, PacketVideo, CFC Media Lab and you quickly realize that this project prides itself on solving problems by creating a framework to analyze the facts.

Also added to TGS 2012 is a newly evolved program called Transmission Innovation Camp, an innovation camp/business accelerator with four dynamic startups, each chosen for their capacity to be game changers at global level.

Plus, each day is jam-packed evenings of artist showcases, exhibits, and digital media installations.

All of these elements work together with a specific objective of connecting people to ideas and to each other, and you begin to understand what makes TGS 2012 so unique and inspiring.


transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT’s very design reflects the fluid nature of the creative industries and technology. Far from being a static entity, Transmission is ever expanding to become a valuable crossroad between education, production, science, consumerism, creation and delivery of all aspects from within the creative industry. Transmission has initiated the development of businesses challenging traditional media structures, helped connect individuals building genuine revenue models that benefit both creators and consumers, and has been an integral facilitator for a game company developing gaming modules to tackle degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. 

“Transmission tends to attract people who are intellectually and entrepreneurially inspired,” says van Toorn. “We’re bringing elements of an aspiring world together into one place and helping create serious, legitimate and effective outcomes that will help add value to the creative arts ecosystem.” 

Two weeks out and there is already a very tangible sense that something huge is about to happen… 

For more information on programming for transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT please visit our website.