A tool for transmitBC: Introducing TimelineNOW
Sep 21, 2012

This September’s transmitBC workshop set out to gather key players from BC’s screen-based industries (games, film, TV, mobile, etc) to form a cohesive mission statement that would produce a vibrant, vitalized community. thenumber creative has worked together on several transmitNOW projects for graphical, video, motion graphic and print support. For the transmitBC project, thenumber and Fantan Group, the organization who produces transmitNOW initiatives, collaborated on something a little bit different.

One of the main challenges with the conference/workshop format is the aggregation and fluent dissemination of the collective data accumulated over the course of the day’s activities – often, participants leave feeling energized and inspired but are lacking real time documentation of discussions that took place during the event, and more importantly, a centralized platform to continue the discussion after the event.

For transmitBC, we prototyped a graphic content aggregator, framed in a horizontal, stylized timeline format called TimelineNOW. Collecting links, text, photos, videos and other data, TimelineNOW acted as a catch-all for transmitBC’s collective consciousness. Over the course of the workshop’s two days, it gathered over 350 entries that allowed common threads, concerns, ideas and directions to coalesce in one cohesive portal, accessible by all transmitBC participants.

Feedback from participants during transmitBC was overwhelmingly positive. It is the aim of Fantan Group and thenumber is to take the timelineNOW prototype and implement it during future events. Have you been timelined?