[VIDEO] Catharine Saxberg on Copyright and Piracy
Mar 2, 2011

"When the Chinese reach the point where they have a lot invested in intellectual property, you're going to find them getting very interested in copyright."

Catharine Saxberg has been the executive director of the Canadian Music Publishers Association since May of 2005, where she has been focused on expanding the profile for music publishers both domestically and internationally. Catharine represents publishers and their interests on the FACTOR National Advisory Board, the music section of the Cultural Human Resources Council, and the Music Café Committee for the Toronto International Film Festival. Prior to that, she was the executive director of the Radio Starmaker Fund, where, as part of the overall responsibility for the day to day management of the fund, she guided the expansion of the fund to include international touring and marketing programmes, and prepared policy recommendations for the Board of Directors. Catharine also worked as a consultant for the Canadian Country Music Association, executing an extensive research project of their members, and writing eight policy papers on their behalf on issues of key importance to the music industry.

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