A Growing Chinese Fan base: Hollerado after transmitCHINA 2009
Apr 20, 2011

Formed in 2007 between four friends from Manotick, Ontario, Hollerado is a Canadian rock band that has quickly grown to success in Canada and around the world, including Asia and South America.  Much of this has been due in part to their relentless DIY approach: everything from designing their website (“I decided to just draw the whole thing with sharpies,” Menno Versteeg, guitarist and lead vocals, has been quoted) to developing their music video that went viral, Americanarama, which was accomplished with a minimal $5,000 budget.

Hollerado has also gained substantial success in markets outside of North America, especially China.  Hollerado’s first entry into China started with the transmitCHINA Artist Showcase in April 2009, where they performed in front of a new crowd of listeners in Beijing and toured across China with stops in Shanghai, Zhenjiang, and Shenzhen. 

It wasn’t long before Hollerado developed a strong fan base in China.  As a result of their participation in transmitCHINA 2009, Hollerado received various offers and touring opportunities, including being selected as one of the few Canadian acts to perform at the 2010 Taiwanfest as a result of their combined Western and Asian appeal. 

transmitCHINA 2009 helped to kickstart Hollerado’s chapter in China, and also bore several learning points and impacts for an overseas band entering the Chinese market: 

  • Unique, culturally-relevant ways to connect with Chinese consumers: The band developed an online Chinese presence through Chinese video streaming websites, such as Youku, and launched their own Chinese website (  The band even released two original songs sung in Mandarin as a way to better connect with their Chinese fans.
  • More dedication to China as a touring market: When Hollerado won $250,000 from the Live 88.5 Big Money Shot contest in November 2009, they decided to take the money to return to China and embark on another tour, which resulted in deeper consumer market penetration and also generated national media coverage.
  • Explosive grassroots outreach and promotion in China: Hollerado’s music and videos are now broadcasted and shared by fans in Chinese blogs and online communities, including sites such as Douban and Renren.

“The China experience has become part of Hollerado’s story,” says Adam Berger, Hollerado’s Band Manager. “It will continue to be one of the many taking points surrounding the band and their tirelessly DIY work ethic and unquenchable thirst for world travel.”

Watch the video below to check out Hollerado’s experience in China, which also shows clips of Hollerado performing during transmitCHINA 2009.

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