[VIDEO] Simon Wheeler: Indie labels and digital technologies
Jan 18, 2011

"We do think that the culture of sharing is really important. Word of mouth is fundamental to the music we produce. It's not the kind of music that makes it onto everyone's radio station."

Simon runs the Beggars Group of record labels' digital business. The group consists of the groundbreaking labels XL Recordings, 4AD, Rough Trade (all UK) and Matador Records (United States) and represents a seminal catalogue stretching back 30 years, as well as current multi-platinum acts such as The White Stripes, Radiohead and Basement Jaxx. Beggars has been licensing digital services since 1997, making the entire catalogue available to download by the track through Liquid Audio and as well as through the original Napster as part of the AIM and IMPALA deal.   Previously a musician, remixer, engineer, producer and promoter, Simon has been with The Beggars Group since 1990.   Starting work with online distribution in 1997 - licensing the entire groups catalogue for individual download and delivering the first territorially restricted download in 1998 - Simon has since worked with almost every significant entity in digital media.  He is chairman of AIM's New Media Committee in the UK, has spoken at most music conferences around the world on digital music and media, made statements to the UK parliament on DRM and has testified at the United States's CRB webcasting proceedings, but the most important role is keeping the Beggars Group of labels at the forefront of all new technologies to deliver its award winning roster of artists to the widest possible audience.

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