SOCAN Metadata Forum at Transmission 2012
Dec 13, 2011

While the lofty nature of transmission’s roundtable conversations have been our signature offering, our respect for moving ideas from “vision to action” has led us to our highly successful B2B format. These are specialized, expert-level meetings that enable participants to accelerate the narrative on the real issues affecting the creative content industries. One of the best examples is the SOCAN Metadata Forum at transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT (TGS) 2012.

In the context of this year's conference theme, Sustainability in the Creative Industries, no topic right now is arguably more pertinent than that of metadata, and SOCAN is returning to host Part Two of the SOCAN Metadata Forum, a programme that was first introduced and met with critical acclaim at last year’s TGS, and is almost at maximum capacity for this coming February.

The goal of the SOCAN Metadata Forum is to raise awareness amongst business decision-makers regarding the importance of metadata to the content creation sector and to develop an action plan to effectively integrate metadata development into business processes.

“The inspired discussion about metadata amongst various players in the content creation industry at last year's transmission will be taken to a whole new level at the 2012 event,” said Eric Baptiste, CEO of SOCAN. "The interactive and collaborative approach to problem solving at transmission will help us move quickly in developing a way forward for the industry.”

While there are a number of key directions these meetings can go in, there are two focuses that are already being refined.

One focus is geared to stakeholders seeking to build common language and systems that will directly address the technical and regional incongruities that presently exist. Key topical questions that have been put forward include:

  1. What metadata and identification systems are required across the whole music (and media) industries, and by sectors within it, and is it currently available? If not, what needs to be done to create it? 
  2. What are the constraints within individual organizations and across the entire industry to the creation, management and communication of well-formed metadata and identification systems and how can these be overcome? 
  3. How are metadata and identifiers to be communicated around the whole ecosystem for the benefit of all players that need them?

The second focus is dedicated to authoring clear, concise messaging for non-expert decision-makers aimed at shining light on the massive benefits of developing universal identification systems supported with a cross-sectoral, international implementation strategy.

This will be one of eight major B2B forums presented by industry, academic and governmental partners from around the world this year. Stay tuned for more announcements coming shortly.

There are only 7 spots remaining in the SOCAN Metadata Forum and with the highest recorded pre-event registration numbers coming in, now is the time to register before prices increase and spaces fill up quickly in January.

In order to register for the SOCAN Metadata Forum, participants must first REGISTER for transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2012. Due to the limited space available, spots in the Forum will be based on first-come, first-serve registration for the conference.