TRANSMISSION 2012 THEME: Sustainability in the Creative Industries
Dec 8, 2011

transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT (TGS) continues to take a new, innovative approach to evolving dialogue and outcomes at the intersection of creative content and technology. We are focused on providing a unique meeting process that connects “transmitters” to a network of experts who will challenge, stimulate and drive participants to identify insights and goals essential for sustainable business practices.

Sounds heady and ambitious, right? Exactly the opposite, this is about being impactful, innovative and relevant, and it all comes down to the method.

Our new method to be launched in February is geared to participants seeking to define balance in their long-term strategic goals with the immediate challenges of a complex industrial environment. Leading this new process will be The Value Web who have worked with us for the past three events on two continents. Their expertise in working with organizations like The Aspen Institute and the Harvard Graduate School of Education, not to mention the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, resonates well with the network of experts that have increasingly made TGS their priority meeting of the year.

The Value Web facilitator, Todd Johnston, explains, “The structure and flow of the event will facilitate the open, emergent conversations and ah-ha's! that have branded TGS as a 'spa for the mind' while also providing a platform for delegates to design with specific scenarios and outcomes in mind.”

Keeping in mind the needs of all of our attendees, Johnston remarks, “We're excited by the challenge of designing an event that is at once unifying for the whole ecosystem of the creative industries, while also providing inspiration, relevance and usefulness at the level of individual delegates.”

Less is More: One Overarching Theme for 2012

Traditionally TGS has always featured three themes for discussion, but as we move towards a more action-oriented format, we have chosen to focus on only one overarching theme throughout the event.

TGS founder and CEO, Tyl van Toorn provides some context, “Over the past years at transmission, we’ve essentially tried to break out our roundtable as simultaneous conversations. But now we’re starting to realize that less is more.  Having said that, there are likely going to be anywhere from 12 to 15 hotspots of “intent” that people will be able to voluntarily gravitate towards during the roundtable sessions. We’ll be providing more structure, but on the other hand, it will be much more voluntary in the sense that you can decide what you want to work on”.

2012 Theme: Sustainability in the Creative Industries - The long-term vision for the digital content ecosystem

The commercialization of creativity comes hand-in-hand with standards to quantitatively measure this output in terms of growth such as ROI, etc.  However, unlike the case in most consumer products and commodities, artistic output is not often measured in traditional economic terms.

Looking forward, it is essential to build business models around creative content that integrate the current digital environment while anticipating future developments that may affect the distribution of creative content. For an industry that’s constantly in flux, a balance must be struck between planning for the present and the future, while respecting the need to encourage creativity.

Registration for transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2012 will be offered at the Regular Rate until January 15th.