The New Balearic 36
// Bruce Mans / Jul 20, 2009

Hello there friends. It’s good to have you here for a thrilling 90 minutes of the best new music in the world. This episode of The New Balearic is a folky affair. Electro-folk. Freak-folk. Indie-folk. Folk punk. Folk pop. Ambient folk. It’s all here, only venturing ever so slightly outside the genre to introduce the episode with some pure pop from Phoenix, and dabbling in some instrumental ambient electronica here and there, courtesy of Helios and Australia’s young Pogo.

Yep. The folk fun is led by perhaps the best Grizzly Bear song ever, and continues with some freak-ish folk from Brooklyn’s Julianna Barwick. After that, we head north to Canada to hear a new track from Edmonton’s up-and-coming Provincial Archives, and some experimental goodness from the consistent Tim Hecker. Later on, we’ll be introduced to The (fantastic) Rural Alberta Advantage and Our Book and the Authors, followed by another solid effort from Calgary’s Jordan Klassen.

Meanwhile, a new track from the Bowerbirds, a song from the side project of Sigur Ros’ Jón Pór Birgisson (Riceboy Sleeps), and an epic 10 minute long electro-folk, slow-brewer from England’s Kyte will ensure that this episode does not disappoint. I hope I’m right.

// tracklisting

  • Phoenix - ‘1901 (TNB Extended Intro)’ ()
  • White Rabbits - ‘Percussion Gun’ (TBD Records)
  • Grizzly Bear - ‘While You Wait for the Others’ (Warp Records)
  • Julianna Barwick - ‘Bode’ (eMusic Selects)
  • Riceboy Sleeps - ‘Boy 1904’ (Moss Stories)
  • Sea Wolf - ‘Leaves in the River’ (Dangerbird)
  • The Provincial Archives - ‘Acquaintances and Lovers’ (Bedrooms & Basements)
  • Patrick Watson - ‘Tracy’s Waters’ (Arts & Crafts)
  • Tim Hecker - ‘Borderlands’ (Kranky)
  • Hannu - ‘Harhailua’ (Kesh)
  • Paperfilm - ‘One Two Three and Zero’ (Unreleased)
  • The Electones - ‘Right Foot From Left’ (Beatservice)
  • Kyte - ‘Lights Outside Here’ (Rallye)
  • Our Book and The Authors - ‘In All The Wrong Ways’ (Domino)
  • Fink - ‘Sort of Revolution’ (LL Recordings)
  • Pogo - ‘Get Out and Love Someone’ (self released)
  • Helios - ‘Cross the Ocean’ (self released)
  • Last Days - ‘The Fields Remember My Father’ (n5md)
  • Jordan Klassen - ‘Hot Ashes’ (self released)
  • Bowerbirds - ‘House of Diamonds’ (Dead Oceans)
  • Jeremy Enigk - ‘Make Believe’ (Lewis Hollow)
  • Passion Pit - ‘Moth’s Wings’ (Frenchkiss)
  • The Rural Alberta Advantage - ‘The Ballad of the RAA’ (Saddle Creek)


Bruce Mans is the curator of the blog/podcast The New Balearic. Inspired by the late John Peel and his renowned eclectic taste, Bruce set out with the primary goal of creating a quality online space with which to expose an equally eclectic range of bands on a global level. Having accomplished that, Bruce says he's happy simply knowing bands are benefiting from his work, and that people enjoy his mixes. |

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