The New Balearic 38
// Bruce Mans / Sep 9, 2009

The time has come for another fantastic ninety odd minutes on The New Balearic. Summer is over, classes have started, but thankfully, the music always continues…

This episode is happy to welcome back some familiar sounds. Port O’Brien is back with a somber and melodic track from their upcoming album Treadbare. One of my favourite artists, Lusine is also on the verge of another full length, which I am very impressed with… and I’ve got a new track for you by him. Also featured from the American Pacific Coast is some impressive new tracks from Sea Wolf and The Dodos.

Of course it wouldn’t be a new episode without some fantastic new bands, and 38 doesn’t disappoint in that category either. Sweden’s Little Dragon and Taken By Trees both take care of beginning and ending this episode, while Vancouver is well represented with great new music by Dan Mangan, Lightning Dust, and Dan Bejar’s Destroyer. From the UK, I’ve also got a pair of tracks from The xx and electronic artist Gold Panda, respectively. Expect to hear a lot from both of those in the future. I’m also very excited to introduce the very first track on the New Balearic by a band from the Netherlands! The Black Atlantic, from Groningen (the birthplace of my Oma), have just released a really great album, and I’ll be doing a Spotlight on them soon, so stay tuned from that. To wrap things up, I’ve also got a remake of Fink’s “Sort of Revolution” by the Cinematic Orchestra, and Radiohead’s new track needs no introduction…

And so with that… happy listening!

// tracklisting

  • Little Dragon - ‘A New’ (Love-Da-Records)
  • Port O’Brien - ‘My Will Is Good’ (TBD Records)
  • Lightning Dust - ‘Dreamer’ (Jagjaguwar)
  • Destroyer - ‘Bay of Bigs’ (Merge)
  • Lusine - ‘Operation Costs’ (Ghostly International)
  • Bersarin Quartett - ‘Oktober’ (Lidar)
  • Radiohead - ‘Harry Patch (In Memory Of)’ (Self Released)
  • Fink - ‘Sort Of Revolution (The Cinematic Orchestra Remix)’ (Ninjatune)
  • The Black Atlantic - ‘Reverence For Fallen Trees’ (Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck)
  • Volcano Choir - ‘Island, IS’ (Jagjaguwar)
  • Sea Wolf - ‘The Orchard’ (Dangerbird)
  • Dan Mangan - ‘Robots’ (Independent)
  • Feathership - ‘Thunderclapping’ (Maisonnette)
  • Kings of Convenience - ‘Boat Behind’ (Virgin)
  • AB - ‘00000001’ (Anonymous)
  • Kronos Quartet - ‘Tashweesh’ (Nonesuch)
  • Gold Panda - ‘Lonely Owl’ (Independent)
  • Pogo - ‘Bangarang’ (Self Released)
  • The xx - ‘Islands’ (Young Turks)
  • The Dodos - ‘Fables’ (Frenchkiss)
  • Still Life Still - ‘Lite-Bright Lawns’ (Arts & Crafts)
  • Taken by Trees - ‘My Boys’ (Rough Trade)


Bruce Mans is the curator of the blog/podcast The New Balearic. Inspired by the late John Peel and his renowned eclectic taste, Bruce set out with the primary goal of creating a quality online space with which to expose an equally eclectic range of bands on a global level. Having accomplished that, Bruce says he's happy simply knowing bands are benefiting from his work, and that people enjoy his mixes. |

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