The New Balearic 39
// Bruce Mans / Nov 9, 2009

So apparently getting a Masters degree requires a lot of work. These past few weeks have been a mere blur, but I’ve recently found myself in a rare break from the work and thus…. Episode 39!

Oddly enough, the music industry doesn’t take many breaks either. Some amazing albums have been released since September. My Vancouver was at the centre of the action with some fascinating music from Said the Whale, You Say Party! We Say Die!, and two (2!) tracks from Victoria’s Aidan Knight! This episode also features my favourite Dan Mangan song… Elsewhere in Canada, I’ve got some hearty folk from Alberta’s The Wooden Sky and Montreal’s Bent by Elephants, and a pair of spooky slow brewers from Dead Man’s Bones and Montreal’s Champion.

Across the pond, Bibio has been working on a wonderful Boards of Canada cover for the recent 20th Anniversary of Warp Records, while Burial helped christen 5 years of existence at Hyperdub with a new track. England’s The xx also feature in a pair of tracks, remixing Florence + the Machine and performing there own ‘Crystalized’. And of course the podcast wouldn’t be complete without some American folk, with Horse Feathers, Sea Wolf, and Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah’s Alec Ounsworth doing the honours this episode. We’ll see you in December!

// tracklisting

  • Said the Whale - ‘Dear Elkhorn’ (Upper Management Records)
  • Sea Wolf - ‘Spirit Horse’ (Dangerbird)
  • Aidan Knight - ‘The Sun’ (Canadian Tuxedo)
  • The Wooden Sky - ‘River Song One’ (Black Box)
  • Bibio - ‘Kaini Industries (Boards of Canada cover)’ (Warp)
  • Kelpe - ‘Eye Candy Bath’ (DC)
  • Lusine - ‘Tin Hat’ (Ghostly International)
  • Dead Man’s Bones - ‘Dead Hearts’ (Werewolf Heart)
  • Champion - ‘L6 (The Blooded)’ (Saboteur)
  • You Say Party! We Say Die! - ‘There is XXXX (Within My Heart)’ (Paper Bag)
  • Alec Ounsworth - ‘Holy, Holy, Holy Moses (Song for New Orleans)’ (Anti-)
  • The Black Atlantic - ‘I Shall Cross This River’ (Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck)
  • Dan Mangan - ‘Basket’ (Independent)
  • Silent Strike - ‘Alb’ (La Strada)
  • Burial - ‘Fostercare’ (Hyperdub)
  • Ochre - ‘Napolese’ (Benbecula)
  • Florence + the Machine - ‘You’ve Got The Love (the xx remix)’ (Island)
  • The xx - ‘Crystalized’ (Young Turks)
  • Bent By Elephants - ‘Mollie’s Song’ (Cooling Pie)
  • Aidan Knight - ‘Altar Boys’ (Canadian Tuxedo)
  • Horse Feathers - ‘Orphan Girl’ (Kill Rock Stars)


Bruce Mans is the curator of the blog/podcast The New Balearic. Inspired by the late John Peel and his renowned eclectic taste, Bruce set out with the primary goal of creating a quality online space with which to expose an equally eclectic range of bands on a global level. Having accomplished that, Bruce says he's happy simply knowing bands are benefiting from his work, and that people enjoy his mixes. |

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