Innovation Camp Brings Pioneering Gaming, Video & Music Startups to Global Summit Roundtables
Jan 26, 2012

Transmission is excited to welcome four startups that represent a cross-section of sectors within the creative industries to take part in TGS.  While these companies will be undergoing a transformation of their own over the eight-day camp, they will also have the chance to interact and collaborate with participants during the conference, bringing a new level of involvement and understanding to sector-specific issues. 

Two BC-based, music-centered startups who will be joining the Innovation Camp: CafePlaylist and

CafePlaylist: An online service dedicated to improve retail venue performance licensing compliance and to provide related value-added services to venue owners, consumers and industry organizations. CafePlaylist aims to dramatically improve the value proposition of licensing compliance to venue owners through ways such as: a simplified, one-stop licensing subscription that covers 90%+ of the popular catalogue, new advertising and social media opportunities through their online consumer portal, and value-added offerings via the company’s partnerships with audio hardware manufacturers and streaming music services. A music discovery website that creates custom radio stations made of the hottest and freshest tracks on the began as a way discover new music by simply clicking a button to “spin” and get a new song that, ideally, the user has never heard before. With an aim to have users beginning to hear great music as soon as they come to the site, is shifting the focus to providing playlists of great music from legal sources. With this shift, discovery will be not from “stumbling” through random songs, but from algorithms that will insert top quality music from a variety of external charts and sources into the stream. For more information, visit:

Representing video and online platforms is BC-born Mediacore:

MediaCore: A cloud-based online video platform that allows anyone to create, customize, and monetize their own video community. MediaCore is a online video content management and publishing platform. It enables any company to create their own video site where they can control every aspect of the user experience. MediaCore allows organizations to upload, encode, manage and deliver their videos to desktop and mobile browsers and makes it easy to publish videos either publicly or privately to groups of users.

And touching on the latest area of "gamification" is Ontario-based Deebo:

DeeboDeebo is a web and mobile application that improves the quality of life for people with diabetes by providing an incentivized, game-like approach to blood glucose and lifestyle management. Unlike traditional approaches of managing diabetes, Deebo transforms the day-to-day requirements of the condition into a more engaging interactive experience, thereby converting them from medical “necessities” into an interesting and fun daily activity. For more information, visit:

TGS’s 'Monday-to-Monday' Innovation Camp is set to begin in just twelve short days. Joining us will be our conference facilitators, The Value Web, fresh off the plane from Davos, Switzerland, due to their work at the World Economic Forum, as well as Jonathan Imme, from untilweseenewland, Germany. Transmission also welcomes the support of visiting mentors, Paul Hoffert, CM. (Professor, York University and Chair of Bell Broadcast & New Media Fund), Steven Masur, Esq. (Managain Partner, MasurLaw) and David Neale (President, Neale and Associates). With support from our Innovation & Host Partner, the Province of British Columbia, our Programming Partner, CFC Media Lab, as well as our Research & Education Partner, Royal Roads University, the Transmission Innovation Camp has a wide pool of resources and support to provide to the first intake of startups in this inaugural program. 

Full more information on the Transmission Innovation Camp, please visit our website

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