transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2012: Breaking Down Industry Silos, Building New Ventures, Increasing Innovation
Oct 21, 2011

The narrative at transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2012's signature roundtable initiative is about breaking down silos amongst creative content sectors, technology companies and the investment community. It is about intimate and candid conversations between influencers within the film, television, interactive media, gaming, music, literature and news media industries. It is about balancing topline, roundtable discussions at 10,000 ft. with B2B forums that drill down on relevant issues that affect the future of the ecosystem. It is about a new programme that is designed to accelerate new ventures and commercialize innovative business models by entrepreneurs who want to create better and sustainable delivery systems for creative content.


Since its inception, transmitNOW events throughout North America, Europe and Asia have traditionally been anchored in the mission of creating opportunities for creators and innovators in the global media industries. However, the project has evolved to be something much greater as transmission uncovers an interesting irony through reaching its ultimate goal. 

“After evaluating some of the outcomes we were having with a media-centric event, we realized that other sectors could find great benefit in opening up narratives with players outside their comfort zone," says Tyl van Toorn, transmission Co-founder and Managing Director. “Our sense of it was that media industry leaders would gain greater strategic value from being at a table with technology companies, academics and the investment community rather than meeting amongst their peer group from the same sectors.”  

In order to effectively break down the industry silos that typically prevent the growth and birth of innovation, it is essential that a wider section of constituents are present at the roundtables, including tech companies, bandwidth providers, content creators, non-traditional business models, innovators, artists and creative content producers, disseminators and owners.


The transmitNOW initiative has always been guided by roughly a dozen or more international members. The International Advisory Board advises on the themes and participant selection process of transmission events, resulting in a more strategic invitational methodology. 

The new International Advisory Board is comprised of the following members:

  • Julien Bares, CEO China, 2K Games, China
  • Omri Dolev, Co-founder, Lev Group Media, Israel
  • Angel Gambino, VP Business Development, Sonico, Argentina
  • Eric Garland (Chair), Founder and CEO, Big Champagne Media Measurement, USA
  • Paul Hoffert, C.M., CEO, Hoffert Communications, Professor of Digital Media at York University, Canada
  • Mark Jowett, Co-founder & VP International A&R/Publishing, Nettwerk, Canada
  • David Ben Kay, Chairman, Yuanfen~Flow, China
  • Ralph James, President, The Agency Group, Canada
  • Kaiser Kuo, Director of International Communications, Baidu, China
  • Mark Montgomery, Founder and CEO, FLO, and EIR, Claritas Capital, USA
  • David Neale, President, Neale & Associates, Canada
  • Jim Rondinelli, SVP Corporate Development, Packet Video, USA 
  • Catharine Saxberg (Past Chair), Executive Director CMPA and Vice-Chair Popular Bureau ICMP, Canada
  • Rob Wells, President of Global Digital Business, Universal Music Group, USA
  • Simon Wheeler, Director of Digital, Beggars Group, United Kingdom
  • Lisa Whynot, Attorney, Hertz & Lichtenstein LLP, USA

Citing the need for a more diverse board Eric Garland, CEO of BigChampagne and the new Chair of International Advisory Board, noted: “It was apparent that this new direction was best served by a more diverse set of perspectives that represent a greater overall ecosystem."  

Jim Rondinelli, SVP Corporate Development, Packet Video, and current member of the International Advisory Board also comments on the progress taking place. "transmission has evolved from being a meeting of content creators looking to share thoughts about the challenges in the digital landscape to become a Davos-like confab of thought leaders, innovators, disruptors and financiers. Everyone attending transmission events are looking to gain and/or grow personally from the robust interaction with people outside their usual lines of business."   


And as with many things, it comes down to balance and harmony. transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2012 and onwards is about balancing out the inter-sectoral, macro-level narrative with more outcome-oriented, ground-level B2B meetings that benefit companies here and now. 

"Our aim is that innovation and entrepreneurship find a foundation to take root on the ground this year," says Garland. This is important as a focused effort begins with nurturing ideas into meaningful business models through increased sector-specific B2B sessions followed by more effective, real-time reporting structures.


transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2012 will also see a brand new element within the transmission family, a venture commercialization programme executed by the newly founded Transmission Institute. With all of the right people in the room with the right knowledge, it seemed natural for transmission to evolve into a platform where ventures can receive professional guidance and opportunities for funding. More details will be released in November surrounding this new offering.


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A Fantan Group initiative, transmitNOW has hosted over 10 conferences worldwide since its inception in 2005.transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2012 is by invitation-only and allows for a maximum of 150 creative industry executives.