transmitCHINA Announces Strategic Partnership with BlackBerry for its 2011 edition
Apr 14, 2011

transmitCHINA, the international hallmark of creative industry events in China, is proud to announce a new strategic collaboration with BlackBerry, who will be the Presenting Partner for its 2011 installment. With this step, BlackBerry puts itself at the centre of the dialogue between Content Owners, Digital Retailers, Entrepreneurs and Innovators in the Chinese market and confirms its relevance as a Platform within the creative industry ecosystem.

In light of this partnership, transmitCHINA 2011 presented by BlackBerry is now hosting the fourth edition of its event on September 14-17, 2011, in Beijing.

Tyl van Toorn, Executive Producer of transmitNOW initiatives, is confident that with BlackBerry’s participation, transmitCHINA will only increase its value proposition for participants and facilitate open and honest discussions focused on developing solutions around the monetization of digital media in China.

“There are three things that make transmitCHINA the most relevant creative industries conference in China: our signature roundtable format, the calibre of our attendees and relevance of our partnerships,” says van Toorn. “We take real pride in announcing BlackBerry as the event’s Presenting Partner and believe that this alliance will set the tone for the conference and other events that we will be holding at the same time. This partnership creates a powerful opportunity for digital retailers and content providers to connect with one of the world’s leading device manufacturers and develop culturally relevant, forward-thinking strategies to distribute creative content in the Chinese market.”

“Bringing digital retailers and content providers together in transmitNOW’s intimate spaces is essential to developing and evolving a forward-thinking narrative around the successful commercialization of digital content, especially in light of emerging media trends and the evolution of smartphones and other mobile/portable devices,” says David Neale, VP Special Projects of Research In Motion (BlackBerry's parent company).

“From our perspective, BlackBerry has always represented an elegant balance of design, user-focused engineering, and messaging and media capabilities. A partnership role in transmitCHINA reinforces their commitment to be an active, engaged stakeholder in the value chain of digital media and entertainment,” adds van Toorn.

In line with fostering an environment that supports an inspiring, thought-leadership agenda within creative industries, event organizers have chosen to host the roundtable programme of transmitCHINA at one of the region's most architecturally appealing luxury hotels, Commune by the Great Wall, just outside of Beijing. This will be followed by a packed menu of entertainment and media events for delegates and fans in the heart of Beijing over the evenings of September 16th and 17th.

“Over the course of our 6-year history producing transmitNOW events, we have recognized that providing intimate spaces for participants facilitates high level, think-tank style discussions,” says van Toorn. “The inspirational setting of Commune by the Great Wall will make transmitCHINA a sanctuary for international executives looking for a unique way to connect with Chinese leaders, thinkers, entrepreneurs and creators.”

transmitCHINA 2011 presented by BlackBerry is also supported by the following partners to date: Province of British Columbia, Royal Roads University, the Canadian Music Publishers’ Association and the Province of Ontario.

Participation in this event is by invitation-only and space is very limited. Please visit the transmitCHINA 2011 website ( for further information.

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