transmitLIVE festival: at the intersection of creative and digital
Jan 19, 2011

This creative industries' festival will introduce cutting edge creators' showcases that feature various medias to transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2011 participants and the general public.  Some of the transmitLIVE artists include:

  • Jets Overhead
  • Todor Kobakov
  • Egyptrixx
  • Bonjay
  • Longwalkshortdock
  • Sweatshop Union
  • Poirier
  • G.I. Blunt
  • APOK Industries
  • Cityreal
  • Longshanks

For more information on artist bios, please click here.

transmitLIVE tickets are now on sale!  Click here to find out where you can get buy your tickets NOW!

Note: all transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2011 participants are guaranteed VIP access to all transmitLIVE venues and shows.