[VIDEO] Angel Gambino on Entrepreneurship in the Creative Industries: Challenges and Realities
Nov 26, 2010

"People talk about viral all the time, like things magically go viral, but as you know things don't magically go viral."

Angel Gambino is a WIRED Top 100 executive with over 15 years experience working with innovative media and tech businesses around the globe.  Her past experience includes senior positions at Bebo, MTV and the BBC. A serial entrepreneur who has a passion for music, media, technology and social issues, Angel holds a number of directorships and is on the boards of several companies, including advisory roles at start-up companies such as Media Friends, Just-b Productions, and Sellaband.

Angel talks about the realities and challenges of being an entrepreneur in the creative industries with transmitNOW.  This topic is further explored at transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2011, the premier event for the creative industries focused on monetizing digital content.  If you would like to join the conversation at transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT, please register or request an invitation to attend.


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