New partnership, new sectors, new vision
Aug 5, 2010

Change is one of the great inevitabilities.

Last year at transmission and last spring at transmitCHINA, we witnessed an amazing shift in energy with the presence of new content platforms within the mobile space. While music has always been the core and soul of transmission, our work in emerging markets has led us on a natural migration towards the other creative industries - film, television, interactive gaming, publishing. We've seen the connections between music, mobile, streaming video and the challenges and opportunities that face all of these sectors. Time is right to embrace a change.

We are working to bring the other creative economy sectors to the table, to make transmission more relevant and to deliver increased value and opportunity to our delegates.

In embracing this shift we have attracted several new partners including Canada's own Royal Roads University. FanTan Entertainment Inc., producers of transmission, and Royal Roads University are coming together to respond to market changes taking place at the intersection of the creative industries, digital media and entrepreneurship. This partnership is designed to engage leaders, thinkers and creators from around the world with the purpose of establishing new business models, generating intelligence and, in turn, playing a role in the development of new creative industry policy. Our partnership with Royal Roads will bring extraordinary strategic value and opportunity to the Canadian creative economy as transmission migrates to being an international platform for discourse in all matters to do with creative industries, digital media and future-focused entrepreneurship.

The re-imagining of transmission - as an idea marketplace and conference for the creative industries – has further motivated us to shift from our traditional September date and apply a new vision to the timing of the conference. transmission will be held from February 9 to 11, 2011 in Victoria, BC, Canada. It was a big decision for us to make, but we feel that the opportunities and benefits are enormous.

To be clear, music is still the blood in our veins. We are excited to announce this important expansion of our mandate while assuring our loyal stakeholder base that transmission will remain an important showcase event for artists, creators and creative content.

Change isn't always easy. Nothing truly worth it comes easy. Join us in February. We will be worth the wait.

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