// Tyl van Toorn / Jul 22, 2009

It is not without significant excitement & anticipation that we present you with the newly minted TRANSMIT website.In fact, there are quite a few new elements within the TRANSMIT family to announce. First of all we have new dates, new location and a new format for transmission which takes place in Victoria, BC between the 22nd to the 26th of September, 2009. We are excited to also announce a continued focus on key emerging markets with plans for the third edition of transmitCHINA to roll out in Shanghai, late spring of 2010. We take special pleasure in announcing our new online magazine/forum: a pivotal step forward in our mission to create more effective ways for people to share ideas and express viewpoints within the music space.

As you are about find out, this site is now divided into three distinct yet interconnected sections: transmitNOW, transmitLIVE and transmitTALKS. From here on in, we are offering three different ways to connect to the artists and professionals that are actively engaged in re-defining the music business and other creative industries affected by the massive changes taking place around us.

transmitTALKS is a place to find out about past and future presentations, meetings, trade initiatives and roundtables that have taken place over the past three years. It is here that you can review archived results of past events while also finding out important programme details on upcoming initiatives such as transmission this September.

transmitLIVE is a newly dedicated area to everything we do in relation to artist showcasing, past, present and future. In the unveiling of this new area, we present you a very powerful showcase line-up for Victoria this September. We are also very proud a roll out a new showcasing format and our new alliance with the Rifflandia Music Festival also taking place in Victoria. The combined programming of these two events offers an amazing line-up to professionals and fans. And while there will certainly be a lot more activity and buzz than prior events we promise to transmission loyalists that we will remain focused on building amazing venues, executing high-quality production, staggered scheduling and guaranteed delegate access to official transmission showcases.

Last but not least, please welcome transmitNOW, our new online magazine/forum offering powerful editorial insights and debates on everything currently at play in the music space. Why do we think the world needs another music forum? Well, over the years we have been approached by many participants inspired by their experience at transmission but frustrated that the dialogue stops when the roundtables end. In addition to this we have struggled to keep invitees up to speed on our key themes for the upcoming event without having to prematurely launch the program. This is especially hard when ideas and issues are changing so rapidly.

Our response to this quandary was to launch an online platform that presented ideas and perspectives of past, present and future participants well before scheduled events so that key themes at transmitTALKS would be distilled out of this online dialogue. Furthermore, participants and other contributors are now able to continue these important conversations long after the lights go down on the stage. The result? A relevant, multi-disciplinary dialogue that people can participate in year round.

At this BETA launch, transmitNOW features an insightful introduction to Steve Masur’s new book coming out in the spring of 2010. Mr. Masur is Managing Director of MasurLaw based in New York and has been and active participant at transmission events over the years.

Another feature to this month is the introduction to Bruce Mans’ podcast, The New Balearic. I wanted to profile this website as it has been one of my main tools for discovering amazing new artists from around the globe. This site has has a profound impact on me as a programmer and as a music fan. I have found myself buying more music in the past six months as a result of Bruce’s approach to sharing his tastes. Equally important is the fact that we have selected several artists to showcase at transmitLIVE as a result of this site: i.e. a podcast curated out of South Korea helping us discover Canadian artists to play at transmission. Go figure.

And this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for some amazing new monthly contributions coming soon to the site. We are particularity eager to release PoliTalk 48. PoliTalk 48 is a new forum in which four experts participate in an online conversation facilitated by Paul Hoffert. The conversation takes place within two successive 24 hour periods providing the means for enlivened global debates on key issues. Panelists for our first round included Mathew Daniel (R2G, China), Simon Wheeler (Beggars, UK), Catharine Saxberg (CMPA, Canada) and Samuel Perlman (Producer, USA), and the results of this dialogue are currently being prepared as the next addition to transmitNOW.

So enough said.

Welcome, welcome.

Come on in and look around.

We hope our new offering agrees with you.

Contact me any time if you have any questions or ideas you would like to share.


Tyl van Toorn

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