[VIDEO] Wu Jun on the Realities of Content Industries in China
Jul 12, 2011

Jun is a well-known IT visionary and is widely regarded as one of China’s leading Internet entrepreneurs with an impeccable track record having been involved in three startups – Sendit, Intrinsic and Linktone. He founded Intrinsic Technology which designed and implemented more than one-third of the mobile data billing systems for China Mobile and China Unicom and was a major contributor to the success of SMS in China. Jun was also the founder of Linktone, one of the first mobile value-added services providers to China's wireless operators. Linktone was successfully listed on NASDAQ in March 2004. A Shanghai native, Jun received a first degree in Computer Science from the Imperial College of Science and Technology at the University of London. Prior to returning to China, Jun was the Chief System Architect of Sendit AB, a Swedish-based mobile messaging company that he co-founded and was acquired by Microsoft in 1999.

At R2G, Jun has led a pioneering team to establish an unprecedented approach in the distribution of online music in China which has provided Content Providers a more efficient and reliable delivery of digital music content to the China market place with proper revenue accounting mechanisms in place . More significantly, Jun and his team have established processes in the market for the licensing of digital music in China which protect the interests of copyright owners while curbing the rampant online piracy practised by Service Providers.

Jun continues to lead the team to greater influence in the distribution of music in China even as we see dramatic changes in the global music industry.


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