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// video highlights from transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2011


Featuring testimonials from Seymour Stein (Chairman, Sire Records), Paul Hoffert, C.M. (CEO, Noank Media), Christian Sarrazin (VP Industry Development & International, SOCAN), Jim Rondinelli (SVP Corporate Development, PacketVideo), Isaac Bess (Sr. Director of Business Development, IODA), and more.

Filmed by thenumber:creative.

// photo highlights from transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2011


The slideshow above is taken from the official transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT 2011 Group Pool on Flickr.  If you took any photos during the event, please feel free to share with everyone by adding to the group.

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Somewhere in the 72 hours that have passed since the final reception of transmission, there has been time to ruminate over what the conference meant and accomplished. It’s evident that meaningful discussion and important ideas were put into the room, but where they will go and what they will translate into is still being determined. So rather than speculate on outcomes, perhaps it’s a better approach to touch on the highlights, the great moments, quotes, tweets and talks that collectively turn transmission into the juggernaut of effective change that it is.

// summarizing the summary

The first thing that becomes apparent when following the twittersphere, is that the food provided by the Inn at Laurel Point was fantastic. But now people are suffering withdrawal, having a tough time letting go of the danishes and fruit cups. So, for those of you missing it, click here:

Now that the breakfast burnout can thankfully be put to rest, it feels right to just lay down some great lines from the conference:

“The final frontier for deep thinking is probably the shower.” – Scott Belsky, Founder/CEO for Behance and, discussing the importance of setting time aside to be unavailable to the digital distractions of work and life.

“I don’t really believe in love at first sight, so I don’t believe in business models at first sight.” Jonathan Imme, CEO of until we see new land, referring to the ongoing nature of idea development.

“The core of innovation is happening on the wild side.” Nora Young, transmission MC and Host/Creator of CBC program, Spark, discussing where change begins.

“This summit shouldn’t be about control. It should be about establishing a sustainable environment.” Eric Baptiste, CEO of SOCAN.

“Canada is at a crossroads, and can go with one of two options. [Canada] can make a number of decisions that could drive the economies.” Rob Wells, President of Global Digital Business for Universal Music Group, in reference to the potential licensing laws that Canadians are considering. 

What is evident from the various quotes above is that there were several opinions represented at the conference, each one valid from the standpoints of the people offering them. And in the mix of opinion lies the relative advantage of a conference like transmission. No matter which angle you happen to be coming from, there are opportunities throughout to be heard and to hear other perspectives. 

Aaron Williamson, designer, facilitator and scribe for The Value Web, brought up the idea of curation in his summary of the event. The Value Web had people stationed at each table who took notes and looked for key themes from each discussion, and Williamson and company created a great image and word based presentation of the common themes that can be seen here: 



Overwhelmingly it appears that while we are all ready for a single device to connect us to every platform of digital media, we mostly still want to remain in control of our own destinies. That said, Nora Young did note that some people will eventually just want to turn their devices on and be told what to listen to.

It was this kind of point/counterpoint discussion that flew between the delegates at the conference. Much was discussed regarding models for success that will allow creators to connect with fans, while keeping the systems that help them do that financially viable into the future. Ideas about emotional connections to media were very present in all the discussions and there was a notable feeling in the air that we were all working toward legitimate solutions.

All up, the conference was huge hit. For those that had been before, transmission 2011 was largely reported to be an outstanding success; and it might be worth noting that it was the first time in transmission history that the entire conference was at capacity, proving that there is a growing inclination to ongoing dialogue that can be sustained year round.

For fist-timers like me, transmission was nothing if not a revelation, an insider’s peak into a fascinating and important part of the creative industries around the world. I look forward to future events and thank everyone who made this one so amazing.

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You can really tell the difference between the photos taken the first morning and the second :-)

by Archie ( / February 17th, 2011