transmitLIVE 2012: Curating the Curators
Dec 15, 2011

transmitLIVE at transmission: GLOBAL SUMMIT (TGS) 2012 is about bringing the cross-sectoral collaborations of the daytime into our live programming at night. With an intent to blur the lines between music, art and digital media, a wide variety of artists will be taking the stage over the course of three days during TGS. Highlights include:

Innovative Film/Light/Video Installations

  • In partnership with CFC Media Lab, transmitLIVE will bring together digital media creators and custom installations that will be interwoven throughout transmitLIVE venues 
  • Canadian artists, Malcolm Levy and Peter Hagge, will both be presenting visual and digital media installations over the course of transmitLIVE 

Artist Showcasing

  • Artist highlights include performances by Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys, Dan Werb of Woodhands vs. Kids & Explosions and the Red Bull Scratch Series, which will put three DJ’s on stage to collaborate and produce a live video scratch show

Gala and 'Dinner in the Dark' at The Atrium

  • This VIP dinner by the candlelight will host all TGS participants and launch a live video mapping installation that ‘brings buildings to life’ on the interior of this architecturally stunning and environmentally sustainable building

The Atrium, venue for the Gala and Dinner in the Dark

Curating this diverse programme has involved one of the most celebrated creative minds in Canada, Malcolm Levy, of New Forms Media Society

Malcolm shares his plans for Victoria and what participants can expect from this year’s showcase. “For transmitLIVE, we are looking at how audiences can experience a performance in new hybrid ways and showcase how the industry can progress towards fostering this type of live performance. You're going to see an incredible lineup of cross-genre Canadian artists who are incorporating elements such as AV and interactivity into their sets.”

Malcolm’s work has been presented across the world in India, Australia, China and Germany, and most recently in Istanbul in September, as he presented on 'Other-Frames' at ISEA, The Inter-Society for Electronic Arts. His most recent Canadian installation, A Place to Reflect, premiered at Nuit Blanche Toronto in 2011. Malcolm was also the curator of CODE Live at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, where he oversaw the programming of over 40 interactive media artworks and 8 performances across the city.

Joining Malcolm for transmitLIVE is Rob Calder of Secret Study, who’s attended 7 out of 9 of all transmission events (!) both in North America and Asia. Rob’s extensive experience with transmitLIVE complements Malcolm in curating the transmitLIVE series. As well as leading Secret Study, Rob also co-owns the west coast independent record label and artist management company, Boompa Records.

All delegates participating in TGS get VIP access to the full transmitLIVE programme.