transmitCHINA conference:  Three days of round table discussions, keynotes presentations and receptions that connects Canadian and International music, technology and media professionals to leaders, thinkers and creators in China. 


speaker at transmitCHINA.TALKS 2009

The dialogue at the transmitCHINA conference is focused into two days of dialogue, with an evening reception on the night of June 2nd, and artist showcasing on the nights of June 3rd and 4th. 


TransmitCHINA 2010 Conference Overview

ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSIONS: transmission's signature offering

  • Three themes focused on Intellectual Property, Next Generation Leadership and Emerging Markets
  • 50 separate round table discussions, comprised of leaders, thinkers and creators from China and around the globe (round tables will include an interpreter)
  • Groups are hand picked to ensure cross–sectional representation
  • Group composition changes with each round table.
  • Allow individuals to build and strengthen relationships between the Canadian music sector and other pacific regions.


  • 三大主题:聚焦知识产权,新生代领袖及新兴市场
  • 50场独立的圆桌会议,由来自中国及国际的业界领袖、决策者及创业者组成(会议包含有口译者)
  • 每桌成员都经过拣选,保证不同区域的业界交流
  • 每桌成员可进行调整
  • 增进全球音乐行业和其他太平洋地区之间建立和加强彼此间联系


  • 3 + keynote presentations led by some of the greatest thought leaders of our time (please see Speakers Page for a list of transmitCHINA speakers for 2010) 


  • 3组以上由行业权威领袖所作的演讲


  • Enjoy great food and conversations. These intimate gatherings allow transmitters to connect with one another in culturally unique venues in Shanghai.
  • Opportunity for Canadian professionals in the music business and associated industries to connect to the fast-growing Asian music market and its leaders; creating an opportunity for stakeholders to share ideas and forge mutually beneficial partnerships.

To attend a conference, please REQUEST AN INVITATION.


  • 享受精致食物与交谈的乐趣。在上海独特的文化氛围中,使每个会员都有机会与其他人交流。
  • 提供机会给音乐产业及相关行业的国际专业人士与亚洲不断发展的音乐市场及其领导者进行沟通;提供投资商与产业交换意见的平台,增进双边互惠交流。

Conference Venue - River South Arts Centre 会议场地 – 南岸艺术中心

Suzhou River, the cradle of Shanghai, nourishes the development of Oriental Pearl. Numerous stories of history generate with the running flows.


In 1917, Du Yuesheng, a well-known Shanghai merchandiser, set up a series of warehouse along the riverside. Those warehouses became state-owned after Liberation. With the time fleets, the owners of these warehouses vary, which lead to its sharply decline in number. Now, they are the rare architectures for the memory of Old Shanghai.


In May in 2002, G.S.H. International from Taiwan formally found their base of Shanghai in this peculiar place. With the purpose of cherish the history and preserve the structure, we cautiously re-decorated the warehouse of hundred-year-old and wish to reappear its charm with a new look.


From October in 2003, it became River South Art Center emphasizing on all types of art activities and events to make more and more people get an access to the immortal spirits of the unique history. It will also be a new beginning of the stories of Shanghai in 21 century as well as the new pride for Shanghai’s tomorrow.