June 1 – June 5, 2010:  BEIJING & SHANGHAI

Business–to–business focus groups consist of presentations and one–on–one meetings with targeted themes in various cities that transmitCHINA touches down in. These focus groups are set up based on the requests by participants and stakeholders. An intimate venue will be selected, so participants may engage in a mutually beneficial dialogue that allows for honest and open discussions. These sessions will target priority topics such a the evolution of music publishing in China sponsored tbe the Province of Ontario and the CMPA, The focus on the independent music scene facilitated by the Merlin Chief, Charles Caldas. There will also be a specific focus on the unique attributes to Mobile Application development in China and we have added some featured B2B focus sessions on innovative thinking and future business models in the digital content world.


企业对企业小组座谈会包括了演示,以及在传递中国所到达的各个城市会举行有目标主题的一对一会议。这些小组座谈会是根据来自参与者与股东的要求而组织的。我们会选择带有亲密的气氛的场地,使参与者能够展开互助有利的对话而进行诚实与开放的讨论。这些座谈会的目标会集中在一些重要的题目上,例如由安大略省及CMPA赞助的有关中国音乐出版业的进化讨论。关注独立音乐圈的讨论会由MERLIN的总裁CHARLES CALDAS协调。另外一个焦点是中国手机软件发展的特殊点,并且我们也添加了一些有关创意思考以及有关数码内容世界里的未来商业模式专题的企业对企业小组座谈会。

B2B Schedule

Indie Music Development in China and Canada 在中国与加拿大的独立音乐发展June 1st, 2010Beijing 北京sponsored by Transmission Music Alliance and the Government of BC 由哥伦比亚不列颠省政府及传递音乐联盟赞助
Mentoring Session with Seymour SteinJune 2nd, 2010Shanghai 上海sponsored by the Government of Ontario
Publishing 出版June 5th, 2010Shanghai 上海sponsored by CMPA & the Government of Ontario 由安大略省政府及CMPA赞助